Unleash Your Voice – Singing Mini Course



Welcome to The Unleash Your Voice Program.

The Unleash Your Voice mini course lays out a 2 part system:


  1. Explaining the information in a palatable way
  2. Specific exercises for MASSIVE results

Tired of feeling like you’ve scoured Youtube and Tiktok but just don’t have a solid technical foundation?


Say Goodbye To…

  • Vocal tension + throat strain 
  • The fear of ‘sounding bad’ and those pesky negative thoughts about your voice
  • Running out of air in your songs
  • Navigating that awkward vocal break between chest voice and head voice 
  • Using only ONE vocal colour (aka your ‘default tone’) – because there is soo much more to play with! 

 It’s time to love your voice exactly as it is authentically in an unhinged way.

In this program you’ll:

    • embrace and REFINE your voice, exactly as it is
    • align your mindset AND your body
    • learn how to breathe for contemporary singing
    • implement breath control strategies + exercises
    • discover how the vocal instrument actually works
    • gain tools for strengthening + stabilizing your voice so you can sing with CONSISTENCY 😍
    • learn how vowel modification can impact your overall singing + vibe
    • de-mystify ‘head register’ and ‘chest register’ – AND how to blend them smoothly!
    • become AN EVEN BETTER VERSION of your singer-self – because now you have the freakin’ tools to DO THE THANG!

This program was AMAZING. I have been singing for 18 years and not only were the exercises extremely helpful in strengthening my voice, they gave me the awareness around the different parts of my voice. I have studied with many professional vocal coaches in the past…and Breanne just has this way of breaking things down that is SO digestible in this program – very transformational. I was able to open up and access different parts of my voice that I had struggled with in the past, and overall I felt a significant + noticeable change. It’s helped me SO much! I loved the mindset work incorporated and the journal prompts. I highly recommend it to any and all singers – you will get so much out of this program!  – Sam M.


What’s inside the Program?!

  • 5 modules filled with video lessons and separate audio tracks, so you can sing along with and feel like you’re in a 1:1 voice lesson
  • Printable journal prompts (accompanying each module) to get you thinking deeply about (and hold you accountable) your artistry and your goals
  • Instant and lifetime access to all course materials – so you can login and practice at any time from anywhere!

5 Modules to Up-Level Your Singing Skills:

MODULE 1: ALIGNMENT:Align your body AND your mindset for optimized singing
MODULE 2: BREATH: Demistify how breathing works for contemporary singing
MODULE 3: SOUND: Refine your tone quality so you can sing stronger + easier
MODULE 4: RESONANCE: Create + play with various vocal colours
MODULE 5: Integrate the various vocal components so you can sing any song without worrying about technique!


I can’t wait for you to UNLEASH YOUR VOICE.