Welcome to your
singing safe space.

A unique place for you to live out your truth, discover your most authentic voice, and create some vocal magic.

At The Honest Voice Co, there are no expectations around how you should sound.
What you should do.
Who you should be.

As a singer, you’ve probably had enough “shoulds” to last you a lifetime. We certainly have.
Here? The only expectation is that you show up as who you truly are.
(And if you don’t know who that is yet, we’ll help you find out.)

Honest Voice Co. singers learn to show up authentically.
They know they can be exactly who they are, because who they are is what sets their art apart from everyone else’s.

Breanne Rourke

Breanne is a professional voice teacher located in St. Catharines, ON. She is an accomplished singer/songwriter, and has a passion for cross-training in diverse musical genres including pop, classical, opera, jazz, and broadway. She obtained her Bachelor of Music in Voice Performance (Honours) from Western University in 2010.

Madey Crawford

Madey is currently enrolled in her first year at Brock University in the Concurrent Education program, majoring in music. She has studied voice professionally for over 10 years with Breanne Rourke as her teacher and mentor. She is SO excited to join the studio and teach kiddos!

Samantha Uhl

Samantha is a musician and songwriter with a passion for education. She is a graduate from York University’s Theatre program, specializing in Devised Theatre and Playwriting. She’s currently working towards her Early Childhood Education Diploma, and has been working with kids for nearly 8 years.

You’re here because…

  • You bring down the house when you’re singing one-woman shows in your car, but secretly, you long for a real audience
  • You’ve been listening to your kiddo sing “Let it Go” for months, and…though you know every parent says this…you think they might really have something special. (We think so too!)
  • You’ve spent a lifetime listening to Taylor and Adele and think you might finally be ready to write a song of your own.
  • You’ve got this nagging idea that you just might have something to say…and that it’s finally time to let your voice be heard.

And we’re here for it.

We are a culture of revolutionary teachers making real human connections through the power of music.

We’re trained in teaching the information that nourishes your voice and soul: songwriting, performance practice, age-specific pedagogy, pop and musical theatre styles, vocal health, and artist development. Through voice lessons and coachings, our faculty will help you maximize your growth and accomplish your goals.
We believe that you belong here, and we can’t wait to hear you.

“Seeing Breanne every week gave me something to look forward to; her bubbly personality and passion for what she does shows! With Breanne’s help, I got in-depth technical training and the knowledge on how to take care of my voice long-term. Through Breanne’s methods, I learned things like control, breathing, singing with emotion, confidence performing and so much more! I can not recommend her enough!”

– Alyssa

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